Saturday, March 5, 2011

Minecraft Diary?

Yesterday I came up with an idea.. How about i ll start something I would call a Minecraft Diary on here..
So this is how it works: I ll start a new map offline.. I ll post pics every now and then, write about what I did and where I went on the map, and YOU can decide what I build, where, and what I do. So you decide the whole story and I provide the game making lol ( i dont know if you can say it like that i am german you know :) )

To start off I generated a new map and as it looks like there is alot of clay. I already collected some but thats about it.

These are Screenshots I took from a mountain nearby the spawn.

Okay now comes your part:

Tell me WHERE you want me to build (either on screenshot 1, 2, 3, 4)
Tell me WHAT you want me to build there (A house on the ground, A little cave, or whatever)

As I get some comments on this (and I hope you people are with me haha) I ll go and build whatever you decided for.

I hope this will work out because it really sounds like a lot of fun to me :)

So leave me some feedback on this here. I m kind of stoked to see what you think haha :)



  1. That's a good idea, I'll follow to keep update on your maps :)

  2. screen 2. a tunnel going into and down the hill, then a huge space for a hosue

  3. Lets try to get a nice sea side abode going in screen shot number 2.